Ozpig is now Australia’s leading multi-functional Outdoor Heating & Cooking brand with a reputation built on quality and service for over 13 years and distribution through 190 retailers in Australia and 8 countries worldwide and over 40,000 loyal customers.

But back in early 2013, this family-owned business approached us for a total rebrand to prepare them for distribution through major new Australian and global channels. To date, we have developed the new brand, an interactive website and new-look packaging right across their range.

As one of our longest and most loyal clients, we continue to develop new tactical tools to assist them with tapping into international markets, whilst also nurturing their growing fan base with tactical Facebook campaigns.

Acknowledging that the previous brand identity had already established brand equity amongst its fan base, we kept the fundamentals of the original logo, revised the font and introduced a new colour combination to represent an ‘earthy’ feel. In addition to this, we introduced a corporate positioning statement to reinforce the brand’s overall purpose in the market place.

Ozpig brand identity

As part of the brand positioning process, we introduced a marketing tagline to validate the well-established, strong brand equity. We also created various icons and supporting graphics to help position the brand for future marketing and development activities.

Brand positioning and creative concept for Ozpig

Once the branding process was complete, we reviewed and reworked all the existing communication materials, applying the new concept wherever possible.

Graphic design and copywriting services; Ozpig brochures, packaging, press ads...

Over the years we have helped develop a series of television and video materials. These projects are planned and implemented in-house by our creative team.

To cater for their increasing popularity, we designed and developed a very powerful website for Ozpig, with comprehensive content to engage the high volume traffic.

Ozpig website - Drupal CMS, and other digital assets
In Addition to the Ozpig Australian website, Sixe helped develop a WordPress website for Ozpig UK.