Dr. Tim’s Success is an established Australian company offering weight management solutions using complete meal shakes, bars and soups. They engaged with Six Elements for professional advice to review their existing brand, marketing material and digital assets. Our team were excited to work on the Dr. Tim’s Success project, particularly their involvement with the overall progression of the brand and products was a huge accomplishment.
The Dr. Tim’s Success logo required a refresh to ‘tighten up’ the design and modernise the typography. With this design there was an opportunity to make more of the ‘chevrons’ and create a more unified logo block. Secondary typography like the Positioning Line was refreshed to make the brand more contemporary.
The primary Colour Palette was reviewed, making sure it was relevant to the designated target markets as well as keeping in mind the brand equity in the current colours.

As part of the brand positioning process, we introduced a marketing tag line to validate the well established, strong brand equity. We also created various icons to position the brand for future brand awareness.
Once the branding process was complete, our talented graphic designers and copywriters reviewed and reworked all the existing communication materials, applying the new concept throughout.
We designed and developed a very strong website for Dr. Tim’s Success enhanced by their fresh look which included comprehensive content and development to engage the large amount of visitation to their site.