More than a logo

At Sixe, we believe that a brand is much more than just a logo or piece of design. While important, these are just the start of the process - because a brand without brand values is like a structure without foundations. By using effective, integrated strategies with both commercial and creative perspectives, we deliver the fundamental building blocks for long-term brand equity.


Sixe specialises in creating unique brand strategies and corporate identities to help organisations stand out in their respective marketplaces. Whether the requirement is brand conception, brand repositioning or a more complex brand rescue, we have the know-how and in-house resources to make it happen.

Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most complex parts of a marketing plan but it is, without doubt, one of the most valuable assets for any business.

As part of our broader marketing strategies, the brand strategy process should begin with a study of the core target market, followed by the implementation of integrated solutions to deliver effective marketing communications to improve the overall brand awareness.

Experience has shown us that each brand has its own unique strengths and challenges. At Sixe we like to delve deep - looking beyond our client’s products or service offerings. Only then can we identify the crucial factors that need to be activated to improve the brand’s performance which will form the focus of the long-term assets we create to support your business.

Our ability to heighten the performance of a brand also lies in recognising and growing the brand’s equity by establishing and maintaining strong consumer brand loyalty.


We all know that the ‘left brain’ takes pleasure in dealing with analytical things, like strategy and tactics. And we also know that the ‘right brain’ prefers connecting to a project on an emotional level and looks at things like appearance, design and aesthetics.

Without the combination of these two ways of thinking, the development of creative concepts that work can prove to be difficult. Luckily, at Sixe, we have an outstanding mix of ‘left and right brains’ that happily work together to deliver outstanding results and powerful creative work.

Integral to the development of the Brand Strategy, is the creative approach developed to help shape the Brand Essence and Core Messages. The creative will reflect the brand culture, to better attract and connect with the target market.  

This creative approach not only defines what is said about a client’s product or service, but how it is portrayed to consumers and positioned in relation to its competitors. This comprehensive Brand Strategy directs the development of all current and future sales messages, across online and offline media and all supporting collateral.

This process may involve the review of the brand positioning statement - or tagline - along with countless other key tactical elements. The creative elements become part of your comprehensive Brand Guidelines which are essential in maintaining synergy and consistency in all future marketing communications.


For many consumers, their first interaction with a company will be through their digital assets - so it is critical that these reflect the Brand Essence of the company.

These digital assets - especially the website - must also be functional across all online and mobile platforms with each platform having its own unique purpose, either to build brand awareness or brand equity.

Sixe offers a full range of digital architecture services to our clients, all developed and produced in-house.

Our core expertise is the development of custom-built WordPress sites - intentionally steering clear of pre-designed or library templates - to ensure we create the best possible offering for our clients.

In addition to our in-house technical strengths, our creative team is well-versed in creating powerful and dynamic designs that not only look good, but are easy to navigate and which capture and amplify the brand values.

And because your digital assets and creative material is all originating from the one company, we can seamlessly integrate effective online campaigns  and incorporate things like custom-built competition and e-commerce websites, social media applications and email marketing - using responsive, custom-designed templates that are adaptable to various screen sizes and mail recipients.