Social media marketing, or in other words, digital word of mouth, is all about attracting relevant traffic to a website. It’s one of the puzzle pieces in executing an effective integrated online marketing solution – and a pretty important one at that!

Social media is a platform that is accessible to anyone with internet access, and with the boom in popularity of smart phones and tablets, it’s also accessible wherever you are in the world, at all times of the day (and night).

For this reason, if used strategically, marketing on this platform can foster widespread brand awareness and recognition - providing the brand has been positioned effectively to its target market. It’s a great way to be where your consumers are, putting your brand, and your messages, in front of them in real time while they’re in the right frame of mind.

The main aim with social media marketing is to draw attention to your brand, and the best way to do this is through promoting interesting content (in a humanised manner) that others may want to share with their own social networks. It’s like a spider web of interaction; if one person finds value in the content you are promoting, they may share it, and if one of their followers also finds it interesting, they may do the same… I could go on forever, but you get the point!

The potential social media has for reaching a broad range of people is huge, making it an inexpensive way to effectively reach and connect with your target audience – regardless of whether you gain earned or paid media as a result. And now that so many of the world’s population actively use social media as a source for finding out about products, services, companies, celebrities - you name it - paid advertising has come to play a role in achieving marketing success on social media. With the ability to target certain demographics, right down to their interests and location, it’s never been easier to implement successful, inexpensive, targeted marketing campaigns with minimal media wastage.

So what sets social media marketing apart from the more traditional forms of marketing communications? The fact that it’s a two-way street, not a broadcast medium. It allows your target audience to play a part in your promotion and provides a valuable venue for them to better understand and learn about the content you are promoting. It’s also a complimentary platform that aligns with other, more traditional forms of marketing, often amplifying those messages and contributing to their success.

Because of this, well-planned marketing on social media platforms often brings strong results. For consumers to have the ability to join a conversation or even just express an interest in something you’re posting, this not only boosts the engagement levels on your chosen social media site and post (and consequently, your website), it also allows for a way to effectively measure your marketing success – whether you opt for in-depth insights and analytics or simply gauge page and post interaction levels. 

As long as you have a well-thought out, strategic social media plan in place, and you know which platforms to use for certain messages or promotions – social media marketing can help increase website traffic, brand awareness, positive brand association, and communication and interaction with key audiences, delivering a good return on investment.

Six Elements has implemented smart and effective campaigns for consumer brands such as Pears Soap, Camp Maple Syrup, Ozpig and East Coast Car Rentals, as well as countless other smaller businesses.

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