Collaboration and partnership is key for economic success and with today's announcement from our Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk regarding a new $25 million Advance Queensland funding program encouraging collaboration between industry, universities and research organisations to fast track ideas into products is a major enabler. Each and everyone of us need to promote these initiatives to help gain a competitive edge in global markets.  I believe that we need to overcome our culture of complacency and disregard our over reliance on natural resources and act with a sense of vigour and urgency to develop our people and mentor a new entrepreneurial mentality in schools and in our workplace to gain a new found spirit of opportunity, innovation, taking risks and simply having a go and not be afriad to fail.  Our Government has a major role to play in driving and supporting industry, education and research collaboration.  It is time to spread the word and activity to regional Queensland as we certainly are a region embracing agriculture, engineering, climate change, clean energy, biotechnology and advanced manufacturing.

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